Mark Entwisle Portraits

British portrait painter

Family portrait
Chiswick, London

“We first discovered Mark when he painted a cover for the Evening Standard magazine. It was a watercolour of Holland Park, we’d been on a picnic there in the days when we were still wild and spontaneous. I phoned the Standard, they put me in touch with Mark. We’ve bought many paintings, we love the peacefulness and calm Mark manages to capture. They are also interesting, I find something different every time I look at his paintings.

I decided to commission a family portrait for my 50th birthday, there is nothing that endures quite like a painting. The only person who we wanted to do it was Mark and we have it in the kitchen and sometimes sit, of an evening, discussing it, obviously with a glass of wine. Mark captured our children perfectly, their little mannerisms and the way they relate to each other. Maddy is also delighted that he made her look ten years younger. Its something we treasure and the whole process was a delight.